XLR Microphone Cable, 20 Feet, 3-pin Male & Female Balanced Connectors, OFC Conductors

  • Having a totally reliable mic cable, whether you're into studio recording, club gigs, concerts..is absolutely essential. This 20 ft. XLR Vitrius Cable will stand up to constant use and abuse, for many years
  • Cheaper cables frequently expose quality control issues..they fail prematurely, or don't work at all. Our quality control is very high, and this is how we can offer you an unconditional 5-year product replacement warranty on every cable
  • Beautiful music-making is assured, with the Oxygen-free copper conductors and braid shield, featured on all Vitrius Cables
  • This 20 foot XLR cable is fully compatible with all professional mixers, microphones and outboard gear
  • The 3-pin XLR connectors are premium quality die-cast steel, and feature a chuck-type strain relief, to grip the cable as firmly as possible

"AAA+++ Very good quality product". – Amazon review by rko_40

Ok, so you're probably asking yourself..why should I buy this Vitrius cable instead of those other cables? Here's why... Vitrius Cables may be a new name to you, but the seller, Tim, has over 30 years experience in audio and recording, and live sound systems. He has made and repaired many microphone cables, and knows what makes a really good cable.

A lot of research went into tracking down the best type of cable, highest quality XLR connectors, and quality control that makes every cable a reliable one..while still being affordable for you. After all, a cable that cuts out during that crucial moment in a live performance, or ruins that perfect take in a recording, is a total bummer. Vitrius Cables lets you rest easy, knowing your xlr cable will keep working for you..day in and day out.

All these common cable problems have been addressed by Vitrius Cables. Our quality control is very high, this is why we can offer an unconditional 5-year product replacement warranty on every cable.