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Vitrius Cables invites you to make your music shine like never before

We're not just another manufacturer of audio cables. We have done a lot of research on materials and manufacturing processes to make these superior cables available to you at a very reasonable price.

Quite often, a cheaper price means cheap quality as well. Something that is bound to break soon after you start using it. Not so with Vitrius Cables. We use high quality XLR connectors. These feature a chuck-style collet that grips the cable like a vise, thus preventing a common problem area for a cable..the connections at either end. After all, you can't afford to have a cable that stops working in the middle of that perfect take in a recording, or during a heartfelt ballad during a live gig.

All Vitrius Cables also feature Oxygen-Free Copper conductors. While this might seem like techno mumbo-jumbo, it really does translate into a clean, transparent window that allows your music to shine through, unaltered.

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